This page was last updated: January 29, 2023

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Chocolate Havanese Dogs For Sale
This page was last updated: January 29, 2023

                          We are located in Southern California, North San Diego County, 
halfway between Escondido and Temecula, right off the intersection of Interstate I-15 & State Route 76,
           48 miles from downtown San Diego, 100 miles from downtown Los Angeles, 
                         approximately one hour drive from most cities in Orange County

                                       Previously located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Havanese puppies are raised in our family room with lots of love and attention.We believe that the very best life for our Havanese puppies is with people that will love and cherish them for themselves. We do not consider our Havanese puppies show or pet quality. We consider them all to be "outstanding" quality, bred for good health and sweet temperament. We prefer to place our Havanese puppies in loving forever pet homes as family members. 

It is very important to match the right puppy with its new family. Havanese breed is a long living breed. After all, your puppy will be part of your family for about 15 years. We are very particular about the homes into which our puppies are placed. Havanese dogs do not like to be left alone and should be in a home where they will receive lots of attention.

We provide a generous puppy starter package with everything you need including a Havanese book, 
sales contract with health guarantee, blanket that smells like mommy, a toy, premium dry kibble, treats etc. Our puppies are very loved and will only be placed in caring approved homes as family members. 

Havanese are truly great little dogs. They are small but sturdy without being delicate, very loving and affectionate, not yappy. Havanese dogs have a beautiful profuse double silk coat that is considered to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic and has no doggy odor. They have hair as opposed to fur which makes them odorless.  Havanese are great companion and family pet with happy dispositions. These little dogs are alert and quick to understand what is expected of them. They possess a charming and loveable personality. Havanese dogs love children and other pets. They are extremely intelligent like most of the small terriers, and lack none of the terrier's hardy stamina. Havanese Dogs are like Golden Retrievers in a smaller non-sheding package! They are very willing to please. Havanese puppies are curious, busy and sometimes fearless, great traveling companions. They have an alert and lively expression that tells you that they miss nothing going on about them. These little friends become devoted members of the family they are adopted into. Havanese dogs have been known to heroically guard small children and tales are told of them doing everything from herding ducks, to performing circus acts. They are loveable natural clowns. Friendly, but discriminating, Havanese dogs make fine watchdogs. Havanese breed's beauty is enhanced by a profuse coat from straight to curly, the wavy coat being preferred. The  coat comes in a wide range of colors and combinations of colors for everybody's taste! 
Please go through our Webster for pictures of our Havanese family!

We breed Havanese dogs, the only native breed of Cuba, historically also known as Havana Silk Dogs, and follow Havanese Club of America health  screening guidelines.